WARNING: whilst publicly accessible, the downloads repo is not designed for public consumption, and may not be suitable for your particular use-case

Hosts File

If you wish to use the HOSTS file, then please download from the following link, to ensure the CDN is used:

Full Database

Path Description
hosts.txt Complete HOSTS database

Archived Database - Full & Mobile Database (deprecated)

In the past, HOSTS files were combined with previous versions, and verified (via DNS & CURL) before going live. Once a year, the HOSTS files were purged of all dead domains, to ensure an accurate domain count (and reduce “bulking”). Archived versions of these HOSTS files can be found here:

Note: the mobile database files were already included in the full database

Path Description
hosts.txt Complete HOSTS database (alive and dead)
hosts.alive.txt Domains from hosts.txt that resolved and were active (alive)
hosts.dead.txt Domains from hosts.txt that no longer resolved and were inactive (dead)
iOSAds.txt Mobile hosts database (for devices with no memory limitations)
iOSAdsLite.txt Mobile hosts database (for devices limited to 1000 records or 32KB max file size)